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About Us


  U Private Label was  founded by two sisters and a cosmetic chemist. Equally fed up with the fall out of sellout brands, and the dependence on American and Chinese Corporations  to supply our demand for personal  care products. The founders were inspired by the sheer amount African American Women spend on personal care  products every year, and found it more unsettling  that the makers and brands across the chain of supply of these companies didn't  reflect or respect  "our" buying power, or "our" needs. Fueled by our commitment to help African Americans claim their lion's share of more than a 2.5 billion dollar industry collectively! We are looking to build fruitful partnerships with like minded entrepreneurs!

We are committed to developing high-quality and leading-edge formulations for our clients, the tenants of our success:

Philosophy: Our philosophy is your success is our success. We aim to develop a trustworthy and long-lasting partnership with our clients. We are our clients  biggest allies and cheerleaders  as they continue to create, grow, and value-up their brand.

Mission: Our mission is to disrupt the supply chain, while helping you upscale your business by formulating  hair and skin care products from the most beneficial and 100% organic raw ingredients, and made in the USA UPL believes in that, collectively we will capture the lion's share! 

Goal: Our goal is to see all the passionate stylists, salons and spa owners build their brands, breed success, and forge a million dollar niche of their own.