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The Private Label Manufacturer in Detroit, MI, That Gets Your Business on Its Feet

Are you interested in creating a line of quality hair or skin products to sell to your clients? If so, U Private Label can help. As a private label manufacturer in Detroit, MI, we work with professional hair stylists and estheticians to help them create their own product lines. These range from shampoo and conditioners to body wash and body lotions, all made using the best organic and natural ingredients around. We customize and pre-formulate all types of products to serve customers who desire to create their own path.

Let us help you create and launch your own product line so you can begin building your brand. Our team works with you to create the types of products you want, using the natural and organic ingredients you like. By making the best products, we help you appeal to more clients while growing your brand and therefore your business.

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About Us

U Private Label is a private label manufacturer of custom and pre-formulated hair and skin care products in Detroit. In the past, big-name companies have ruled the hair and skin industries with a dominant market share. Today, however, small business owners have more control over the products they sell in their salons and spas. We are committed to developing leading-edge and high-quality quality formulations for those clients. The 3 tenants of our business are:

Philosophy: Our philosophy is that your success is our success. That means developing a partnership with our clients, helping them create their brands, and increasing their bottom line.

Mission: Our mission is to help hair and skin care professionals create their own product.

Goal: Our goal is to see that stylists, salons, and spa owners build a brand, grow their businesses, and ultimately become successful on their own terms. That’s why we’re committed to using the best organic and natural ingredients.

Getting Started

The best part of working with us is that you can learn what the possibilities are and have your questions answered for free. Every working relationship begins with a complimentary consultation, and from there, we can create samples for 1 to 2 formulas. Get in touch today, and start making more money.


Contact us to arrange your consultation. We serve the small businesses of Detroit, Michigan, and the surrounding areas.

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