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Helping You Claim Your Lions Share

Join U Private Label on our mission to take over an industry. Currently the global skin care is a 134.5 billion dollar industry. The global hair care industry is 85.5 billion dollar industry. We're on a mission to Disrupt and Dismantle the supply chain. If you're searching for a hair and skin care product manufacturer to help you develop and produce your own private and custom hair and skin products, U Private Label expertly delivers these services. One order, one product, one formula, one brand at a time. Become our partners and lets manifest your brand!

What we do

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Start Your Beauty Brand Today, Schedule a Consultation, Black Owned Manufactures, Detroit, Mi Natural Hair Care Products, U Private Label Hair and Skin Care Manufacturing, Domestic Black Hair and Skin Care

Custom Manufacturing

At U Private Label, we partner with you to create a customize hair and skin care product line. Work with our lab for a unique product designed just for you.

Our experienced certified cosmetic formulators are here to work with you to create your dream product. We offer a wide range of services from concept and product planning to finished products.

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Private Label Manufacturing

U Private Label is the developer of private label hair and skin care. We offer hair and skin care private label formulations to jump start your dreams of building a beauty brand.

Our experienced formulators have created a catalog of skin and hair care products you and your customers might need.