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Don’t Just Start a Cosmetic Business, Solve a Problem

By patricia wells | | 1 Comments

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Business is simply solving a problem. Solving a real problem cannot be forgotten if you intend to start a business that can survive. One of the most important questions is to ask yourself whether you are solving a problem to meet your customer’s needs. For example, Google was able to make the search even better. Amazon made online buying a simple one. Netflix was the answer for on-demand social media streaming. Uber is also making it possible for a better on-demand car service. As you can see, these businesses noticed specific problems and came up with the best solution to solve problems. 

Solve a Need

Cosmetic Business


The first step is to make sure your business solves a problem real people have. Gather data that can prove that people are willing and ready to use your product(s) and/or services. Don’t just build what somebody will want, satisfy a need. The moment buyers have a need, they will look for ways to solve them. People always look for clear, quicker, and wiser ways to finish every day tasks. The good thing about solving problems for your customers, it can be rewarding to both the business and to customers. 

Beauty Products

They say life is all about experimenting. It could be experimenting with food, travel, passion,writing, and even with shampoo that we use. Every product each consumer buys or uses is a solution to a need, a problem, and cosmetics are not an exception. Nowadays, most people are concerned with good-looking hair. Let’s take an example of shampoos. There are different types of shampoos for different needs. For instance, shampoo for dry hair or shampoo for product build-up. Shampooing our hair is one of the most basic kinds of hygiene that people do regularly. Simply put, shampoo is more than just a hair product, it's a product that clean our scalp, so we can feel good about our crown and glory. The shampoo industry figured out how to solve the problem of basic hygiene to the scalp. When deciding on which products to sell to your target customers,  ask yourself what are the problems your product is solving? Once again, solving a problem cannot be overemphasized enough. 


Always remember to start solving what customers exactly need. If you have been able to identify a serious problem that you can effectively execute and deliver to the market, you will be able to create a real business that matters. Remember that the happiest and most successful people don’t just love what they do, they’re obsessed with solving an important problem, something that matters to them together with passion is the ability to execute. If you can't deliver, you are not in business. Products with a real need are easy to market and you won't have to convince people about the existence of the problem and the need for your product because they identify it. You don't want to start a business that may not survive. Do your homework, validate your idea and make sure you have a real market for your idea. Ask yourself how well do you understand your customers’ problem? Do your product(s) features solve their problem? Remember, don’t just start another business, solve a real problem to meet your customers’ needs.

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By patricia wells

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Dana Williams / Reply

dear patricia,
Thank you again!
I had to come back and read this again after sending in some of the final adjustments to my product labeling. I had no idea how simplicity was such a great tool. Problem solving is possible when you have help in creating the solution. All great minds come together for the highest good of the recipient!

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