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Create Your Own Custom Product Line in Detroit, MI

Create your own custom product line with our help in Detroit, MI. U Private Label is dedicated to helping professional hairstylists and estheticians launch product lines to sell to clients in their salons or spas. It's an easy, three-step process that lets you customize your own products so you can offer something unique and special to clients, while still boosting your bottom line.

The process entails:

1) Selecting the types of products you want to sell.
2) Receiving samples of the products and deciding which ones you want to offer.
3) Consulting with a formulator to create your products.

Free Consultation

During your free consultation, we will discuss the types of products you want to create and your clients' specific hair or skin needs. We will then create samples for you to try out, starting at $65.00. If you are happy with the results, we will generate larger batches for you, depending on the amount you need. We can package the products for an additional cost, or we can put you in contact with a professional bottling company to package them for you. Contact us to learn more.

Improving Your Brand

By working with us to develop a custom product line in Detroit, MI, you will be taking the first steps in improving the brand for your salon. By offering custom hair and beauty products with your salon's labeling, you will be building on your company’s image.  

Additionally, by offering your products to your clients, they will feel a closer connection to your salon, creating even more brand recognition. By increasing your recognition, you should see a significant increase in the profits of your business. Contact us to learn more about the positive impact our custom salon products will have on your company’s image.

Top-Quality Hair and Skin Care Products

When you choose our beauty products for your custom brand, know that you will always receive high-quality goods. Our skilled team can develop your custom products to meet the specifications you expect. From specially-formulated shampoos and conditioners to luxurious body washes and scrubs, you will easily be able to find the right products to offer in your spa.

To learn more about our custom products for professional hairstylists and estheticians, reach out to our office. Our team is always happy to answer any of your questions and to help you find the perfect product solutions for your spa.

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