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Launching A Personal Care Brand

By patricia wells | | 0 Comments

Personal Care Brand

Are you thinking of launching a hair or skin care brand? Looking for a manufacture to formulate?

Are you in search of someone to guide you and help you lead your way to your dream of building your brand?

You are at the right place. Yes! Here at U Private Label, we will help to take your idea to market in no time to achieve your goals!W have a great team of chemists, cosmetologists, and marketing experts. 

They will help you to convert your ideas in reality and customize the best products for you or your niche market.

How to start a hair care line?

With the growing technology and trends, there are tons of companies and brands offering their hair products manufacturing, hair growth oils, beard oils, styling creams, and much more.

This idea of owning a hair care business seems so exciting and fun! But it needs a lot of effort, dedication, good mentorship, and lastly uncompromising marketing. 

First, you need to do a complete research of the market and your target audience. Read their demographics and psychology. Also, and most importantly, what problem are you looking to solve?

Then you need to formulate the products according to your customer’s needs. But don’t forget to test those products before delivering them. You’ll build a trust level when you’ll mention that you’ve tested this product before dispatching. 

Setting your price is very important. It should be reasonable so people will think to buy the product. Or if you’ve done enough market research and know your audiences has trust in your product, the price won’t affect them.

Last but not least, is the marketing of your product. Social media has taken over every thing. You"ll want to plan the right marketing strategy to create awareness to grow your brand. It's never to early to start! So what are you waiting for? Start now! Get to know your market. What do they want, how much are they willing to pay?  

At last, maintain the legality of your business. Keep it real and professional to avoid any problem in the future. Have all the legal papers about your business in your hands.

You just have to step forward now!



There are plenty of manufactures out in the market that are ready to build partnerships so you might be thinking what makes us stand out?

Well, we'll tell you. Quality and trust of the manufacturer should be the most important factors to consider while choosing one. At U Private Label, when you hire us we become partners, your success is our success! We champion our clients and go above and beyond of what's expected from a typical manufacture!  For example our branding team can help you brainstorm product names, create logos, labels, and source packaging on  your budget. 


Speaking of budget most manufactures have high minimums to start! Which in fact, is more cost effective, if your selling thousands of units, and you have a start up budget of $10,000 or more!  At U Private Label, one of our missions is to disrupt the manufacturing industry, by claiming our lions share and we need you to do it!  We believe, that you (we) should be the makers and benefactors of the products that (we) consume. Collectively the more brands we bring to market, the less we have to rely on "others" to dictate our standards of beauty. We formulate products with you in mind, not as an afterthought, or the "Ethnic" part of our business! Ethnic is our business!  

Weather you are looking to private label, or customize your personal care brand, you can be assured our products will make those curls pop, that silk press has body, that scalp is moisturized, that skin is glowing, and that beard oil is glistening! Products by us for us! 

Starting your brand on your own is a little difficult, but not impossible. It will be dream come true of ours if you can achieve your goal! 

For more information on launching your products, call today for consultation, or book a consultation here. 





By patricia wells

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